Kress 20 V / 4 Ah lithium-ion battery


Smart, powerful, and flexible. The KrossPack 4 Ah battery is extremely versatile and compatible with all tools from the Kress 20 V and 40 V ranges. Ideal for jobs that demand higher levels of energy, and a longer runtime.

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  • Krosspack platform powers all 20 V and 40 V Kress Garden and powertool devices for shareable and expandable power
  • 4 Ah capacity for tasks that demand higher levels of energy and a longer runtime
  • Intelligent battery management system optimizes individual Li-Ion cells, enhancing power, performance, and run time
  • The built-in battery cell guard protects from extreme external temperatures, moisture, vibration and physical impacts
  • Battery capacity indicator for a quick reference of the battery status


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