Kress Mission Nano 600


  • Key features
  • Patented INTIVA navigation
  • STT – Side Trim Technology
  • Side charging
  • Remote control by smartphone
  • Multi-zone programming
  • Forward and reverse rotating blades
  • Automatic return to the charging station
  • Weather resistant
  • Anti-theft locking function
  • Blades stop immediately when mower is lifted
  • Rain sensor
  • PIN security code
  • 3-blade cutting system
  • Pre-programmed robot


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Edge mowing, narrow passage navigation, and APP control. KR101E is the easiest way to get your lawn mowed up to 1000 m².

  • Patented INTIVA navigation intelligent control for narrow sections and paths
  • STT – Side Trim Technology: mow right up to the edge
  • Charging connector on the side for easy starting and clean cutting up to the charging station
  • LED display
  • Rain sensor
  • Forward and reverse rotating blades replace parts less often


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